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We also provides a number of specialized locksmith and security services to specific customer groups like corporation, small businesses and individuals.

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What A Security Locksmith Service Can Provide Your Business


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Your company is your lifeline. It provides you and your employees with a salary and income. If you have high end inventory which you might protect and maintain you do not want anyone to steal it from you. If you are in a service business the security of everyone that works in the establishment is vital. Counting on the police force can be too late. They are often overburdened and show up after a crime has been committed. You need a locksmith and security service that can provide you with numerous options that can provide you with the level of comfort and protection desired.

Security, locks, and high end security locks are a good investment to help deter those from choosing to break into your establishment. A closed circuit television can help to view and record all the activity in a given area that you decide to monitor. It can be installed in areas where everyone can see that it is being powered. This decreases the opportunity for would be felons.

A buzzer system can also be installed by a locksmith for a room or area that you want only limited access provided to certain persons. The only way that anyone can get in is if they are buzzed into the room. You are able to see with security cameras who is pressing the button and can choose to allow or deny entry.

High end security locks can also be needed for those that want extra protection. You do not want anyone getting in. So this helps to provide an additional layer of security. This can include the use of passwords and codes along with keys to open doors or safes. They can be placed on a timer and be a part of a security software program.

Transponder keys can also be provided to your company should anyone lose their car keys. These provide keyless entry into the automobile by emitting sounds to the car’s radio transmission. Should you or anyone else lose the keys they can gain entry into the vehicle without breaking a window. If someone were to try and break into the car they would not be able to use the car.

Another factor that the business owner or manager needs to consider is who has access to high end areas? Although you may think that an outside person can be the culprit of crimes it is usually one of the regular workers who has access or entry to common areas. If you can limit the access to only key people and make them accountable it will cut down on the level of theft you might have. What you want to do is to make it seem impossible for them to get an idea to steal.

A locksmith and security service can provide you with the level of protection required for your business to maintain its resources and become impenetrable. With the latest technology such as CCTV, security locks, transponder keys, security cameras, and high end security locks your business can be a fortress. The investment you make in security can provide you with untold rewards from theft and lowered insurance costs.

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